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Improve your daily routine – A solid daily routine can help you feel better, accomplish more, and live a healthier life overall. Routines may help improve your sleep patterns, eating habits, stress levels, and physical health. Why, then, is it so hard to improve your daily routine – and stick to it? And is there anything you can do to make the process easier?

Today, we’ll discuss six ways to improve your daily routine, along with tips about how and why to make it happen. But first, let’s talk about the power of consistency.

The Importance of Consistency

Our brains are wired for efficiency. When we repeatedly engage in an activity, that activity will likely become a habit as the brain wires itself to conduct said activity more effortlessly.  Sometimes, those habits are healthy – brushing our teeth when we wake up, for example. Other times, those habits are unhealthy (or at least unproductive) like falling asleep to the television or eating junk food for dinner every night.

A routine is a series of habits, which may also be either healthy or unhealthy. If your routine involves many unhealthy habits, your productivity, health, and lifestyle may suffer. If, on the other hand, your routine includes more healthy habits, your health and happiness will also likely be quite healthy.

As such, when developing a healthy daily routine, you may have to alter some habits. This, of course, will take some dedication as a new habit can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to develop. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of success when developing habits to improve your daily routine.

Tips for Success When Developing New Habits

The first step towards building healthy habits is to go slow. Don’t insist that you develop 10+ habits in a day (if you want to stick with it, that is!). Instead, choose one or two habits that you want to add or alter, and make those a priority until they become routine. Once you’ve developed one or two new healthy habits, add a few more until you’ve reached top awesomeness.

Next, choose habits that feel right to you. Don’t try to run five miles a day when you rarely walk to the end of the block, and don’t attempt an all-vegan diet when you’re only used to eating meat, cheese, and potatoes.

Finally, when developing habits to add to your daily routine, make those habits part of your identity. Instead of telling yourself that you’re going to run every day, tell yourself that you are a runner. Instead of counting calories, remind yourself that you are a healthy eater who eats for nourishment rather than pleasure. The point is, if you make it a part of something you are instead of something you do, you’re less likely to abandon the habit later.

6 Ways to Improve Your Daily Routine

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss some action steps you can take to improve your daily routine for better health, happiness, and productivity. Remember not to take on everything at once – just start with something small and manageable then add to your routine as you see fit.

Wake up naturally and get out of bed

Sleep occurs in 90-minute cycles. Those who wake frequently throughout the night may notice that they wake at roughly the same times each night or about 90 minutes after they last drifted off. Each cycle consists of five phases before circling back to Stage 1: light sleep. Those who wake during Stage 1 will likely feel more rested than someone who wakes during Stage 3 or 4, even if they only actually got 90 minutes of rest.

This can help explain why you should never wake to an alarm (if possible). You see, when you wake to an alarm, you’re more likely to disturb deep sleep, which may make it difficult to actually get out of bed. Instead, go to bed early enough to wake up naturally, then get out of bed and start moving when you do. Notably, it may take some practice to establish this routine. Fortunately, CBD supplements that work with the body’s circadian rhythm (instead of sleeping pills that basically plow right through it) can help lull you to sleep early enough to get a bright start the next day.

Avoid screen time for at least an hour

Roughly 80 percent of adults check their phones when they first wake up. Common as it might be, this is not a healthy habit because it preconditions your brain for continued stimulus throughout the day. If you check your phone first thing in the morning, you’re more likely to check it throughout the day, as well. Your productivity will suffer, which may also affect your mood and livelihood.

Instead, improve your daily routine by engaging in other healthy activities for at least one hour before hopping in front of a screen. For example, stretching or engaging in other forms of exercise can hemp bust grogginess and boost motivation throughout the day, whereas taking a cold shower may raise your alertness. Other healthy activities to try when you first wake up include journaling or meditation.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Food is fuel, though not all fuel functions the same in the body. To get the most out of your day, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast that will provide energy, stamina, and focus throughout the bulk of your morning. Healthy foods like eggs, smoothies, and avocados not only provide excellent morning nutrition, but they help boost brain power, too. This is also a great time to consume your morning CBD oil, which may help your immune system function at top capacity throughout the day.

Plan your day

One of the best ways to maintain productivity is to plan your day – and follow through with it. This is where it can get tricky because if you over-commit and fail to achieve all of your tasks, you may become discouraged and quit. If you under plan, you could spend the majority of your day bumping into things as you try to move aimlessly forward.

The best way to plan your day to improve your daily routine is to prioritize your projects. List three “must-do” activities then knock those out first. It’s generally best to save your most daunting task for a time during which you’re most attentive, which is usually about two hours after waking up for the day. Though you can list more than three tasks, think of these as “nice-to-do’s” instead of “must-do’s.”

When your workday is over, stop working! Anything on your “nice to do” list can move to the next day, allowing you to spend the last few hours of your day on “you time.”

Invest in yourself

Burnout is real, but you can avoid it by scheduling time for yourself every day. Possible ways to invest in yourself to improve your daily routine include reading, engaging in a favorite hobby, or turning a nice long bath into a spa day.

Get to bed early

Now we’ve come full circle. If you want to have a great day, then you’ll need to get plenty of rest to help make it happen. Give yourself enough time before bed to wind down (no screens!) by stretching, reading, journaling, or expressing gratitude for your day. Remember, if you need a little help falling asleep, consider taking CBD supplements about 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Improve Your Daily Routine

You only get one life. Make sure every day is the best it can be by establishing a strong daily routine. Doing so can help you feel better, look better, be better.

Finally, when establishing a healthy daily routine, consider adding CBD supplements to your schedule. Research suggests that CBD can help the body maintain balance and balance stress better..

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