Based in Colorado, our team at Seed2System produces and distributes high-quality, all natural CBD products derived from hemp. From our seeds to your body's system, these products help you on your journey towards better health.

Our Origins

A seed is a tiny collection of beginnings. Each one holds the potential to become something great. And, just like every plant that started as a seed, the Seed2System company story starts from a very singular point of possibility, too. It was an idea our founder had one morning that expanded outwards, eventually impacting everyone on our team, our community partners, and now our customers.

The idea was simple, but transformative: seed to (your body's) system.

Most CBD products are sold as simple end-use products with little thought given to where the plants began or how they eventually impact customers. Instead, we thoughtfully developed every step of our process for creating our high-quality, true full-spectrum CBD products. Ours is a truly vertically-integrated process that considers the plants, the ground where they're grown, the oil extraction method, and which other ingredients our products are formulated with to bring you the highest quality end product.

It starts with the seed

We're proud to source our seeds directly from High Grade Hemp Seed Inc., professional hemp genetics curators who product best in class cultivars. Their expert geneticists and farmers work closely with Colorado State University to develop genetically consistent and pure seed varieties, along with quality testing measures.

Even with millions of seeds in the ground, High Grade Hemp Seed remains committed to ecological stewardship and a better connection to the farmers and land where their seeds grow.

From the seed to the ground

At Seed2System, we work directly with local farmers who grow our plants on the hundreds of acres of farmland we own. We consistently measure plant quality, as well as CBD levels, to ensure our plants meet the amounts necessary for medicinal benefits and don't exceed mandated THC levels.

We're located near Longmont, CO and welcome all of our customers to come and tour our farms or call our team to ask questions. Since we've started, our focus has been on customer education and empowerment when it comes to the CBD space.

Our extraction process

When we harvest our plants, we nurture the naturally occurring medicinal cannabinoids (CBD), flavonoids, and especially terpenes the plant matter contains. We do this with our Vapor Distillation™ extraction method.

Vapor Distillation is the key to creating our full-spectrum CBD oils. Instead of using chemicals or solvents, we use a proprietary method of precise bursts of heated air to extract oil from our plants. This air pushes through the finely-ground plant matter, distilling into a vapor that we then condense into our 100% natural product.

Other extraction methods can neutralize the plant's terpene and CBD profile. Ours creates an extract that is as close to whole and natural as possible. This allows you to enjoy what is known as the "entourage effect," the understanding that naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically to enhance CBD's medicinal benefits for your body.

From seed to your body's system

Too often, we forget that our bodies are a part of the larger community and ecological systems we interact with. At Seed2System, we know that your body's system will experience the greatest wellness and medicinal benefits from a high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil.

We plan from seed to system, knowing that doing so helps you on your journey towards greater health.

CBD oil benefits are different for everyone, so our team focuses on educating our customers and helping them through the Goldilocks challenge. Your body is a unique singular system, a single subject design. Too much or too little CBD won't be of much use. Instead, your body needs a certain combination of CBD dosages and products that works best for you. Our team can help you find that, or recommend products that better fit your needs.

Redefining Success

At Seed2System, we know success is much more than revenue or products sold. Instead of success, we think of significance. How is our work having a significant impact on the customers we're serving and the planet we're living on?

With our products, our customers experience new potentials and new possibilities. Like a seed just waiting to burst forth from the ground, our products can help you find greater wholeness and wellness. That is the true meaning of seed to system: a new level of dynamic connection that starts from the moment our farmer picks up a seed to your body's experience from it.