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CBD for Sexual Health – CBD has become a popular solution for many different issues. Some people suggest that CBD helps soothe pain, others use it for its proposed mood-boosting benefits, and still, others use CBD to help lull them to sleep. As if that’s not enough, experts now suggest that CBD may improve sexual health across genders, as well.

Today, we’ll discuss the importance of sexual health, then outline some of the ways people can use CBD for sexual health and holistic wellness.

A Closer Look at Sexual Health

The World Health Organization defines sexual health as “…a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.” The Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains that it is “…an intrinsic element of human health and is based on a positive, equitable, and respectful approach to sexuality, relationships, and reproduction…”

Importantly, these organizations highlight that sexual health encompasses more than just sexually related health issues. Rather, sexual health involves all aspects of one’s sexuality, including physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

CBD for Sexual Health

Sexual health is not just about sex, reproduction, or sexually related physical health. In fact, sexual health encompasses all areas of our well-being. As such, when discussing CBD for sexual health, we must consider all aspects of the term.

Sexuality and Physical Health

Up to 40 percent of women experience pain during sex. The most common cause of painful sex is insufficient lubrication, followed by infections and muscle spasms (usually caused by a fear of being hurt). Interestingly, CBD may help address all of these issues. For example, applying topical CBD to the vulva area may improve blood flow to heighten sensation and increase natural lubrication. CBD may also reduce infection by acting as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent and may reduce worry-related tension.

Researchers also suggest that CBD may play a role in fertility, though they don’t know what it does. However, we do know that human genitalia, sperm, and reproductive organs contain many cannabinoid receptors. We also know that the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) regulates reproduction, particularly embryo transportation and implantation in women, and sperm viability and motility in men. As such, CBD’s interaction with the EC system could affect fertility, especially to help maintain equilibrium between endocannabinoids AEA and 2-AG.

Emotional Health

The second facet of healthy sexuality is emotional health, which may be characterized by comfort and confidence in one’s sexuality. Those who are comfortable enough to express themselves openly are less likely to experience depression or isolation. So, can CBD help improve emotional health as it relates to sexuality? Simply put: yeah, kinda.

Research shows that CBD can help reduce nervousness associated with performance (particularly, public speaking). It may also help people step away from their internal critic, so they can express themselves more freely. By allowing themselves to be vulnerable, they can improve interpersonal connections, foster better self-awareness, and nurture their emotional well being.

Mental Health

The brain is covered in cannabinoid receptors, and CBD interacts with these receptors by controlling their response to other cannabinoids like AEA and 2-AG. In so doing, CBD may help calm stress and worry, and slow the cycle of intrusive thoughts that block sexual pleasure. Moreover, because of its mood-elevating properties, CBD could help lift people out of a funk so they can reconnect with loved ones (including themselves).

Social Health

CBD is not a intoxicating substance. It will not cause consumers to feel “high” or otherwise inebriated but could still help stimulate social interaction (just not in a goofy “I can’t believe I said that” kind of way). As this Psychology Today article explains, CBD may slow our reaction to the negative emotions of others. This could help improve our comfort level among peers and make it easier to be ourselves freely and without restraint. Moreover, CBD’s proposed anxiolytic properties may make it easier to socialize and connect on a more personal level.

How to Use CBD for Sexual Health

CBD products come in many forms, each with its own unique uses and benefits. Those who seek the psychological benefits of CBD should choose ingestible products like tinctures, gelcaps, or gummies, and consume them at least 30 minutes before sex to give them time to work. Notably, edible (swallowed and metabolized) CBD products provide long-lasting relief, whereas tinctures and other sublingual (under the tongue) CBD products activate and expel relatively quickly. Bear this in mind when choosing the best CBD product for sexual health.

Those who prefer localized treatment may fair well with topical CBD products. To clarify, there are millions of cannabinoid receptors in the skin and porous areas like female genitalia provide an ideal pathway into the body. When applied topically, CBD may reduce localized irritation to ease pain, while increasing blood flow to increase sensation. Be sure to check the label of the topicals—avoid applying topicals with ingredients that are not safe for sensitive areas such as mints/menthols or pepper-based essential oils, etc. Go with something as pure as possible such as a Nourishing Coconut and CBD blend that has no other ingredients.   

Final Thoughts on CBD for Sexual Health

CBD and sexual health is a complicated issue. We know that CBD affects sexual health in many interesting ways. However, the research on the mechanics of these actions is still in its infancy. Though research is advancing, many are not willing to wait for the verdict and are using CBD for sexual health anyway.

If you’re ready to see what CBD does for sexual health, then shop our line of premium CBD hemp products today.

Do you use CBD for sexual health? Tell us about it.

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