Our Method

Our Extraction Method

The key difference in Seed2System products is the proprietary Vapor Distillation™ extraction method.

Naturally Extracted

Vapor Distillation™ uses heated air to extract a full array of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes without the use of chemicals or harsh solvents.

Flash Activated™

Our extracts are Flash Activated™ in seconds instead of minutes or hours, which preserves the naturally occurring cannabinoids, beneficial terpenes and natural flavors; creating an overall more pure and potent product.

True Full-Spectrum

As compared to CBD isolate, Full-Spectrum extraction allows for the maximization of the “entourage effect”, where all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically to provide the most effective benefits of the plant.


Whole flower extract that contains the highest level of naturally-occurring terpenes of any other extraction method. This means no terpenes are added post-extraction (the “True” in our True Full-Spectrum).

Choosing the right CBD product – A buyer’s guide

Organic Growing Practices

Does the product use only organically grown hemp?

Seed2System (S2S) only uses organically grown hemp in our extracts.

Extraction methods used

Extraction method determines potency, bioavailability and overall effectiveness. Common extraction methods include Ethanol, CO2 and Lipid Extraction.

S2S only uses Vapor Distillation™ for our extraction method.

Product Potency

Milligram (mg) of CBD or “hemp extract” per milliliter (ml) plays a role in a product’s potency. An average dosage should be around 20-25 mg.

Other variables that factor into product potency include extraction and post-extraction methods, including nano-emulsification.

S2S uses only full spectrum hemp extract with a minimum of 20 mg per dose.


CBD can be extracted as a full spectrum extract, with an array of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, or as an isolate (just CBD).

Isolate is best for individuals who want zero levels of THC in their product.

Full Spectrum is best for individuals who want a more potent and effective product that contains an array of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes (with THC levels of .03% or less).

Seed2System products are made with only True Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract. “True” Full-Spectrum means no terpenes are added back into the product post extraction.


Hemp Oil is cold pressed oil from hemp seeds, much like Olive Oil. This can be used in cooking, but contains little to no cannabinoids.

Hemp Extract (sometimes referred to as Hemp Oil) is extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant, and contains beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

When purchasing a CBD product, avoid products that say seed or stalk derived.

Seed2System products are made with from Hemp Extract produced from hemp flowers.