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  • CBD Hand and Body Cream | Lavender | 250mg

    Best for anyone looking for an easy way to apply CBD, while getting the added moisturization benefits of a hand and body cream

    Our CBD hand and body cream quickly absorbs to moisturize and restore health and vitality to your skin.

    • Nourish and deeply moisturize your skin with our potent blend of hemp seed oil, herbal extracts, natural fruit and nut butters.
    • Made from premium full spectrum hemp oil
    • Pure essential oils of lavender
    • Organically grown and processed
    • 3.7 oz / 105g per jar
  • CBD Cayenne Peppermint Recovery Salve | Vapor-Distilled™️ | 300mg

    $48.99 or subscribe and save 10%
    Best for those who suffer from chronic muscle and joint pain, as well as weekend warriors who need weekday support

    Our full-spectrum CBD massage salve creates a warming, soothing rub for all of your aches and pains.

    • Enjoy relaxing massage benefits from our CBD oil, as well as a proprietary blend of essential oils including cayenne and peppermint
    • Easy to apply as needed and delivers therapeutic benefits in as few as 15 minutes
    • Soothing warmth loosens and relaxes your muscles and joints after a tough workout
    • Relieves the pain of arthritis and wakes up stiff joints in the morning
    • Pleasant smell with no harsh chemicals or solvents, you’ll just enjoy a silky smooth, healing salve
    • Organically grown and processed, from the seed to extraction, on our Colorado farms
  • CBD Soothing Lavender Salve | Vapor-Distilled™️ | 300mg

    $48.99 or subscribe and save 10%
    Best for external topical application

    Your new self-care routine has arrived. All-natural lavender scents our light, easy-to-apply CBD salve.

    • Our lavender salve is perfect for a massage before bedtime
    • Blended with other natural ingredients like arnica oil and shea butter
    • The all-natural Vapor Distillation method extracts the maximum compounds from the hemp plant, without using harsh chemicals or solvents
    • We focus on the essence of the plant, with no added noxious scents or unnecessary ingredients

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