CBD Oil for Sleep

We all know the struggle of a night spent tossing and turning. In most cases, one night of poor sleep makes for a cranky day. Sometimes, though, whether due to stress, physical discomfort, or any number of other reasons, one night turns into another, and then another. Soon enough, sleep is elusive. If this happens, CBD oil for sleep may actually be able to help you break this cycle. Here’s what the research says about CBD and sleep.

Does CBD help you sleep?

cbd oil for sleepAll of the buzz about the potential benefits of CBD oil for sleep is not news to the 14% of people in the U.S. who already use it for sleep. But how does CBD for sleep actually work?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a cannabinoid that is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike its psychoactive cousin THC, CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors in your brain without producing the feeling of being “high.”

The cannabinoid receptors in your brain are part of your endocannabinoid system—which are in every human and most animals on the planet. As part of the central nervous system, the endocannabinoid system regulates the “rest and digest” functions of the brain—including sleep. Cannabinoids are produced naturally in the body to help you rest. But, what happens when your body isn’t producing enough of its own cannabinoids?

People who suffer from endocannabinoid deficiency caused by conditions such as migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other hard-to-treat conditions may struggle with, among other things, sleep. CBD oil for sleep is a natural way to trigger your endocannabinoid system into producing more of the natural chemicals that ready your body for sleep.

Beyond this, people who struggle with regulating their sleep-wake cycle may find that CBD for sleep corrects that imbalance, too. Your sleep-regulating mechanisms may not be functioning well because of prolonged sleep deprivation due to insomnia, anxiety, or chronic stress. CBD for insomnia may actually manage the underlying cause of sleep disturbances to help you relax at the end of the day and finally be able to get that much needed night of real rest.

Does CBD oil for sleep work?

Recent research on CBD oil for sleep indicates that the short answer to this question is “yes!”

Consider the following studies.

Underlying all of these positive studies regarding CBD and sleep is that there are minimal side effects, no reported serious adverse reactions, and no reported drug interactions. CBD is a safe and well-tolerated option for relief of sleep issues.

How to use CBD oil for sleep

There are several different forms of CBD oil for sleep, and the one you choose is a matter of preference. They include:

  • CBD gelcaps: These are a convenient and easy way to take CBD if you are a regular traveler or need a consistent regular dose
  • Tinctures: A good option if you are just starting out and want to explore the proper dose for your symptoms
  • Healing CBD salves: For sore joints or muscles, a healing salve (especially one that is combined with soothing herbs like lavender) might be the best choice

CBD oil dosage for sleep

The best way to find the correct dose for a good night’s sleep is to “start low and go slow.” Even though there is no possibility of addiction and side effects are practically non-existent, the best dosage of any medicine is the smallest needed to do the job.

Your body chemistry is unique to you. The way you metabolize any kind of medication will be different from everyone else. Take small doses and pay attention to how your body responds. If it works at half of the “recommended” dose, that’s great!

Always talk to your doctor when considering any new treatment protocol, especially if you are managing a chronic condition. The likelihood of drug interactions is low, but it’s always best to coordinate any aspects of your treatment plan. And, while CBD contains less than 0.3% (that’s one third of one percent) THC by law, even that tiny amount may show up on a drug test. Speak to your employer if that’s a concern.

How to find the best CBD oil for sleep

cbd oil for sleepQuality counts when it comes to finding the best CBD oil for sleep.

Start with full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains not only cannabidiol (CBD)  but also valuable and naturally occurring flavonoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. These beneficial compounds work together to enhance the effects of each other. Full-spectrum CBD also contains high levels of myrcene, a terpene with sedative effects that can help you relax and sleep. You can learn more about the differences between full-spectrum vs. broad-spectrum (or isolate) CBD oil here.

Next, find a high-quality producer that can track your CBD oil from the seed they planted to the product in your hand. At Seed2System, we have a hand in and an eye on every single step of the production process—like a ‘farm to table’ restaurant! And, we’re transparent about it all so you can feel totally confident in the quality and effectiveness of all our products. We start with high-quality seeds developed for us by HGH Seed Company in Colorado. We use the highest quality extraction method, even though it cost us more than if we used the conventional methods most companies use. We believe Vapor Distilled™is the safest and most superior method for bringing you the purest plant medicine. This process uses no chemicals and the ‘flash activation’ method keeps the most valuable parts of the medicine intact. This way, the majority of the plant’s natural and beneficial compounds are preserved in order to deliver your improved sleep (as well as many other benefits).

Still wondering if CBD oil for sleep might work for you? Get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you find the product that greatly improves your sleep—not just for a few nights, but over your lifetime!





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