CBD Oral Spray

These days, cannabidiol, or CBD, is available in a wide variety of forms. From milkshakes to gummies, salves and teas, finding the best method of CBD delivery can be a (fun and delicious) experiment. CBD oral spray is another way to experience the benefits of cannabidiol— quickly and effectively. Here’s how to try it out.

What is CBD oral spray used for?

cbd for weight lossCannabinoids are one of many naturally occurring beneficial compounds that exist in hemp plants. Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is present throughout the body and connects to cannabinoid receptors in your brain. The ECS regulates the effects from oral CBD (and other forms of CBD).

When extracted, cannabidiol can offer significant benefits to the body, especially when available as a full-spectrum product with other beneficial natural terpenes and flavonoids from the plant. CBD oral spray is a convenient and easy way to take cannabidiol.

CBD does not produce the same psychoactive “high” that people often confuse with its cannabis cousin THC. This makes it a safe and effective way to harness many of the benefits of hemp without the side effects. Many people look to CBD for help with:

CBD oral spray is a natural, effective way to improve overall health and wellness.

What are the benefits of CBD oral spray?

CBD oral spray benefits people in a variety of ways. The first is in the way the CBD is delivered. A CBD oral spray activates in the body quickly, spreading and absorbing over a wide area of your mouth. If you need quick relief, CBD spray delivers faster results than other methods, like gummies or salves. In this oral delivery method, the CBD is designed to affect you system-wide, rather than one local spot like the salves. Even if you are treating a local area with salve, such as a sore back, shoulder joint or rosacea on your face, it’s recommended that you support the whole system at the same time—give it the one-two punch!

Further, the research behind oral CBD is promising:

On top of these research-backed benefits, CBD oral sprays are also convenient and easy to take with you wherever you go.

How to use CBD oral spray 

A CBD oral spray is easy and quick to use. At Seed2System, the following are some of our most frequently asked questions:

How are CBD oral sprays sold?

CBD oral sprays are widely available in one and two-ounce bottles. Bottles are generally labeled with the amount of CBD in the entire bottle.

For example, Seed2System’s gold tincture is our powerhouse with 3,000 mg of CBD per two-ounce bottle. If you are looking for regular use to manage daily aches and stress, our silver tincture might be the best for you at 1,200 mg per bottle.

How do I administer a CBD oral spray?

CBD oral sprays are administered pretty much the same way you might take an aerosolized mouthwash—with one exception. Instead of spraying the CBD directly onto your tongue, spray it underneath your tongue and allow it to sit there for a minimum of 30 seconds before swallowing it. This is more effective because that area under the tongue allows the CBD to get into the bloodstream rather than just going through the entire digestive system.

This is not an exact science, so you might get some on your tongue. It will still absorb quickly and be effective.

What dose should I use?

As with all CBD products, the best approach is to start low and go slow. This means taking a small amount of CBD to begin. Wait to see if you experience any benefits. You can gradually increase your dose to the minimum amount needed to experience the relief you are looking for.

For general wellness, most people take CBD twice daily. For acute or chronic conditions, consider CBD’s effect on your body and scale your dose up or down as needed. Because everybody’s biology is unique, the exact amount of CBD will vary widely for each person. Take your time to find the best and most appropriate dose for you.

How long does it take for CBD oral spray to start working?

Most people begin to feel the effects of CBD oral spray in about 15 to 30 minutes, but this may vary. We all process compounds differently, so you may experience relief more quickly, or it might take a little longer.

Are there side effects or risks with CBD oral spray?

It is not possible to become addicted to CBD, and the most common side effect of CBD use is a dry mouth. There are no psychoactive side effects. Consult your doctor if you are taking any other medications – most play very well with CBD, but a few may not.

It is important to note that because of legal trace amounts of THC in a product (less than 0.3% allowed by law), CBD spray may still show up on a drug screen. Talk to your employer if this is a concern for you.

Still have questions? Consult our CBD User Guide, or reach out to our team. We’re happy to help you make sense of your CBD options.

Find the best CBD oral sprays 

The best CBD oral sprays are 100% natural, with no added sweeteners or artificial flavoring. At Seed2System, we follow our sprays from the seeds in the ground through our vapor distillation process to the bottle in your hand. Vapor distillation uses heated air to extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. This creates a purer and more potent product—a product that works very well for most people.

In addition, this full-spectrum extraction takes advantage of the entourage effect. This allows the cannabinoids and terpenes to work together to reap the most effective benefits of the plant. Whole flower extract contains the highest level of terpenes and cannabinoids than any other extraction method.

At Seed2System, we don’t take anything away, so we don’t need to add anything in. This leads to a true full-spectrum CBD product with a clean, nutty taste and a host of benefits.

Still wondering which CBD oral spray might work best for you? Whether you are just starting out and need the lower dose of our white oral tincture or are looking for the powerful relief of 3000 mg of CBD, we’ve got you covered at Seed2System.

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