Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil: What’s The Difference?

In the past few years, CBD oil as a medicinal and holistic health product has exploded in popularity. According to an article published by Consumer Reports in April 2019, an estimated 64 million people in the U.S. have tried CBD oil in the last 24 months. With all this buzz, it’s important to understand what CBD oil is (and is not), especially compared with products like hemp seed oil which do not share the same health benefits. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between hemp oil vs. CBD oil.

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil: The basics

First, the basics. In the simplest sense, CBD oil is made from extracting oil from the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant for more powerful health benefits, while hemp seed oil (commonly referred to as just “hemp oil”) is derived only from the less potent seeds.

There’s much more to it than that, though.

What are CBD and CBD oil?

CBD is the abbreviation for a compound called cannabidiol found in the cannabis plant.  Cannabis plants have a sticky resin on their flowers (buds). These sticky flowers are covered with trichomes. Trichomes contain the highest concentration of medicinal compounds that include not only CBD, but also tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), flavonoids, and terpenes (highly aromatic oils that offer a range of benefits).  

Also referred to as hemp extract, CBD oil is extracted primarily from the cannabis plant’s flowers, stalks, and other biomass. CBD oil has levels of CBD that are higher than hemp seed oil, but it still complies with 2018 Farm Bill rules that the THC levels in the final product be 0.3% or less. This low level of THC means that people can legally experience the benefits of CBD oil without psychoactive effects.

CBD oil does not produce the high that occurs with THC and has few if any, side effects. We’ll discuss some of CBD oil’s major health benefits shortly.

What is hemp oil?

When people talk about hemp oil vs. CBD oil, the comparison is most accurate if we actually specify hemp seed oil vs. CBD oil.

Both come from hemp plants. Hemp and cannabis plants are different versions of cannabis sativa, with hemp plants bred specifically for high CBD-low THC and cannabis plants that are used for marijuana having higher concentrations of THC.

What we typically call hemp oil is derived from just the seeds of the hemp plant. It has low levels of CBD and is often used as a wellness product in topical applications for skin conditions. Think it as similar to olive or flaxseed oil.

What are the major CBD oil benefits?

From pain relief to anxiety, CBD oil can have a number of effects on the body.

When the potential benefits of CBD were first discovered, some researchers thought that CBD isolate, a highly concentrated version of CBD oil that only contains CBD would be the most effective. This followed traditional thinking that highly concentrated forms of medicine were most effective.

What they didn’t consider is something now known as the entourage effect. The trichomes on the cannabis flower contain not only CBD and THC but also a host of terpenes, terpenoids, and other compounds.

Because of this entourage effect with all of the available compounds working together, recent research using full-spectrum CBD oil has indicated that while CBD isolate does have a higher potency, full-spectrum CBD oil of the sort we produce at Seed 2 System has more potential benefits.

These are some of the leading CBD oil benefits researchers are currently studying.  

1. Pain relief

CBD works on a different endocannabinoid receptor in our bodies than THC does. THC binds to CB1 receptors (related to mood, appetite, memory, and coordination), but CBD binds to CB2 receptors. These receptors are found in the immune system and connect to the body’s response to pain and inflammation. CBD oil may help prompt the body to produce more natural cannabinoids that control pain and inflammation.

A 2017 study found that CBD oil did decrease pain and inflammation from osteoarthritis, and another study in 2018 indicated that CBD oil alleviated intractable pain (that is, pain that doesn’t improve from other treatments) and the anxiety that came with it.

2. Anxiety management

A study in 2015 found that the action of CBD oil in the CB2 cannabinoid receptor provided profound relief of anxiety.

3. Muscle recovery

Early studies and an abundance of positive anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD oil’s action on the CB2 receptor provide the same protection against inflammation as more traditional medicines.

For athletes, both professional and amateur, this could mean faster muscle recovery and more effective workouts.

4. Pet use

CBD oil has shown promise in controlling seizures, the pain from osteoarthritis, and anxiety in dogs.

Because CBD oil was classified as a Schedule 1 drug until recently, there is even less research on animals than there is on humans. But as veterinarians and pet owners report more anecdotal success in treating a variety of conditions, more research is forthcoming.

How can I find the best CBD oil?

When buying CBD oil, it’s crucial to focus on finding a high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil from a reputable seller. The seller should be transparent about their process, all the way from the seeds they use to their packaging processes.

A report in 2015 found that nearly 70% of CBD oil products are mislabeled. As CBD oil is not addictive and does not come with significant side effects, it does not represent a life-threatening danger to the person using it. However, incorrectly labeled CBD oil can skew the dosage and be less effective.

At Seed 2 System, our goal is to deliver to you the purest, high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil you can find. We are committed to managing this process from the seed in the ground to the package in your hand.

Because Seed 2 System uses the vapor distillation process, the compounds in our CBD oil are preserved, extracting more of the medicinal cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the plant. We don’t use solvents that could flavor our CBD oil or damage these compounds. Instead, a precise burst of heated air extracts them without harmful chemicals. This heated air flows across the surface of the plant, distilling a vapor that Seed 2 System then condenses into our 100% natural, full-spectrum CBD oil.

Still don’t understand the difference between hemp oil vs. CBD oil? Get in touch with us today. Our team is always happy to explain more about CBD, its potential benefits, and how we produce our products. We can answer all of your questions so you can choose the product that will work best for you!