Hello hemp community,

I’m writing to share the news that Santa Fe Farms has acquired Seed2System, a Colorado-based producer and distributor of high-quality, all natural CBD products.

For hemp to reach its full potential in the health and wellbeing category, it is crucial that we simplify and streamline the supply chain, including product development and distribution. The acquisition of Seed2System adds an important pillar in Santa Fe Farms’ growing integrated industrial hemp ecosystem.

The acquisition of Seed2System is a key component in our long-term strategy of powering the future of the hemp industry and making best-in-class hemp products available to consumers worldwide. Leveraging the relationships and deep experience of the Seed2System team, we can expand rapidly into white label products and consumer packaged goods services – high growth areas in hemp that are strategically aligned to our objective of consolidating the hemp supply chain.

Seed2System will work with the entire Santa Fe Farms network to expand health and wellness offerings to a global marketplace. This includes continuing sales of Seed2System’s anchor products and advancing new opportunities to build white label and private label offerings. These efforts will be led by Shane Mutter, former CEO of Seed2System and now Senior Vice President of Santa Fe Farms’ Industrial Hemp Products Division.

As a part of Santa Fe Farms, Seed2System and its customers will benefit from the substantial resources of a large-scale enterprise to leverage its CBD product expertise and quality reputation. It will expand Santa Fe Farms’ offerings in the hemp marketplace through CBD product white label and consulting services to take new products to market faster than ever before. With the strength of its industry-leading supply chain and genetics capabilities (High Grade Hemp Seed is now Santa Fe Farms Genetics) Santa Fe Farms is well positioned to become the scale provider of innovative and impactful health and wellness products derived from hemp.

To learn more about Santa Fe Farms’ white label, private label, and CPG consulting services, contact Shane Mutter, SVP, Industrial Hemp Products Division at shane@santafefarms.com.


Jeff Apodaca
President, Industrial Hemp Products Division

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