CBD User Guide

    How to Use CBD

    As a general guideline, start “low and go slow” with CBD. Everyone’s body processes plant medicine differently, and effectiveness is not based on body weight. The “right amount” varies from person to person. You may also find that over time your needs change, so pay close attention to how your body responds to the effectiveness of the CBD, and then adjust accordingly and as needed.

    We provide general guidelines for you to follow and request that you work closely with your doctor to find the appropriate amount, delivery method, and frequency for your unique system (body).

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    What is a delivery method?

    A delivery method is simply the way in which you choose to bring the CBD plant medicine into your system (body). The delivery method affects how your system processes the CBD plant medicine and therefore, the benefits you’ll receive.

    There are three main delivery methods:

    • MOUTH (often referred to as ‘oral’): Oral methods are used for internal system-wide effects—meaning, the CBD plant medicine travels throughout your system and assists where it detects you need it the most. In fact, you may experience multiple benefits using orally delivered CBD. Imagine enjoying  inflammation relief for your sore knee, and insomnia relief at the same time from taking one holistic solution.
    • SKIN (often referred to as ‘topical’): Topical methods are used for specific areas such as sore muscles, achy joints, or irritated/damaged skin such as burns, bruises, acne, scars, etc. Here the plant medicine brings relief to the local area where you apply it and it works quickly to target the external inflammation. Except in the case of BATHS where you are soaking your whole body in CBD water, which gives systemwide game-changing effects for relaxing, sleeping, and overall skin care.
    • LUNGS (often referred to as ‘smokable,’ ‘flower,’ or ‘bud’): Smokeable methods are used for internal system-wide effects. The lungs are the fastest way to get CBD into your bloodstream, making this the best delivery method when you need immediate relief from sudden onsets of anxiety and panic attacks.
    • SMOKABLE: Currently (April 2020), Seed2System does not offer a smokable product, however, we anticipate this delivery method being added in May. Always refer to our PRODUCTS page for the latest and greatest ways to bring CBD plant medicine into your system.

    How to Choose the Right Products For You

    Now that you’re familiar with the different delivery methods, you can feel more confident when choosing which products you think will work best for the reasons you want to use CBD.

    S2S TIP: When therapeutic compounds such as CBD, are delivered directly to the bloodstream, they will work faster than when they have to pass through other organs and systems.

    Most common product types:

    • TINCTURE products deliver the CBD plant medicine into your system through the mouth, known as ‘orally’. Tinctures can be ‘dropped’ or ‘sprayed’ under your tongue (fancy word for this is ‘sublingually’) and are designed to work on a system-wide basis. The area under the tongue is a pathway to the bloodstream which helps you absorb the CBD plant medicine as it is being delivered.

    S2S TIP: Holding the CBD oil under your tongue for about one minute will ensure better absorption than when you swallow it right away. Allow the oil to ‘soak in’ one minute before swallowing.

    • GEL CAPSULES, GUMMIES and HONEY products are also taken through the mouth, known as ‘orally’ and are an easy way to get CBD into the system. ‘Gelcaps’ are swallowed with water, gummies are chewed and swallowed, and honey is typically added to other beverages such as smoothies and teas.
    • SALVE and ROLL-ON products deliver the CBD plant medicine into your system through the skin, known as ‘topically.’ Salve and roll-on products are meant to be rubbed into a specific area on your body for a direct impact and relief to that area.
    • SMOKABLE [coming soon – we’ll be adding our smokable solutions soon]
    • BATH, LOTIONS and GROOMING [coming soon – we’ll be adding our spa solutions soon]

    S2S TIP: Using a variety of delivery methods tends to have a ‘multiplier’ effect because your system accepts different compounds of the CBD plant medicine based on how you receive it. The more points of entry into the system, the higher your chance of success because the effects are multiplied throughout the system.

    How Much Should I Take – Dosage

    The “right amount” of CBD plant medicine for your system will depend on your current health and resilience. Consider your present overall condition and the symptoms you want to address.

    Some people feel effects on their first dose and for others it takes several weeks for the CBD to build up and show up. Consistency is key. Give your system time, and when you find your “right dose” you will know it and it will have been worth the wait.

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    How to Read the Label

    S2S TIP: Remember, the front of the label shows the TOTAL amount of CBD milligrams for the WHOLE PACKAGE. Instead, look for a “serving size” and the “servings per container.” You may have to do the math to figure out how many milligrams of CBD are in each unit/serving.

    If the amount of CBD per serving is not clearly indicated in a product’s description on our products pages, look for a photo of the nutrition label to find the ‘serving size’ – that will tell you the amount of CBD in each serving.

    Our CBD (also known as “hemp extract”) has a higher purity level and therefore a more effective potency than many other hemp companies out there (see Our Method), so keep that in mind when you choose your starting dose.

    S2S TIP: Remember…“start low (in milligrams) and go slow.”

    Start by taking 10 - 25mg once or twice a day

    A “low” amount is 10-25mg per day. Here’s a good self-regulated dosing schedule:

    1. Start at 10-25mg once each day for 3-5 days and watch for any shifts in how your body, your mind, and your spirit feel or behave.
    2. If nothing has shifted, double your dose by taking 10-25mg twice each day and again, watch for any shifts in how your body, your mind, and your spirit feel or behave.

      S2S TIP: Explore the best time of day to take your CBD. You might find a lower serving size in the morning and a larger serving size at night works best.

    3. Continue to slowly ramp up in this way until you find your “right dose.” We find that most people have great results from 25 – 90mg per day. But again, it is not based on body weight or typical indicators, so ramp up slowly, observe as you go, and adjust accordingly.

      S2S TIP: At the very least, most people notice a new calmness and better quality sleep. Countless other benefits are possible though, so look for them.

    How to take CBD oil in a “Tincture” form

    Seed2System offers three varieties of tinctures based on their strength (amount of CBD per serving):

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    WHITE (300mg per 1oz bottle)

    If you’re new to using CBD, or if you already know you need a low amount of CBD per serving, WHITE offers an affordable option. A ‘serving’ of this product is 10mg of CBD plant medicine. Each full dropper contains approximately 10mg and if you choose the sprayer application, one spray contains approximately 2mg—so five sprays equal one serving of 10mg. Each 1 oz bottle gives you 30 servings of 10mg of CBD oil equaling 300mg for the whole bottle of WHITE.

    SILVER (600mg per 1oz bottle)

    If you’re taking CBD daily or every couple of days to assist with chronic conditions (those that have built up over time), SILVER is a good option. A ‘serving’ of this product is 20 mg of CBD plant medicine. Each full dropper contains approximately 20mg and if you choose the sprayer application, one spray contains approximately 4mg—so five sprays equal one serving of 20mg. Each 1 oz bottle gives you 30 servings of 20mg of CBD oil equaling 600mg for the whole bottle of SILVER. We also offer a 2 oz bottle of SILVER, which means it has 1200mg per bottle.

    GOLD (1500mg per 1oz bottle)

    If you’re addressing acute conditions (those that come on suddenly and require focused attention) GOLD is your most concentrated daily treatment. A ‘serving’ of this product is 50 mg of CBD plant medicine. Each full dropper contains approximately 50mg and if you choose the sprayer application, one spray contains approximately 10mg—so five sprays equal one serving of 50mg. Each 1 oz bottle gives you 30 servings of 50mg of CBD oil equaling 1500mg for the whole bottle of GOLD. We also offer a 2 oz bottle of GOLD, which means it has 3000mg per bottle.

    S2S TIP: CBD stays in the human system for approximately 12 hours. For general wellness, use twice daily, approximately 12 hours apart.

    Observe your own effects from different delivery methods, products, and doses on your system. It’s a great idea to keep a health journal to make notes of subtle changes so you can watch for patterns of health over time and you can scale up or down as needed.

    Consider this your opportunity to explore, monitor, and adjust what works best for you. Your “right amount” may change over time based on a wide variety of factors.

    How to determine the QUALITY of a CBD product:

    Here are seven important characteristics to consider:

    1. Where did the seeds of the hemp originate from?
    2. Where was the hemp grown?
    3. Were the hemp plants grown organically (without the use of pesticides)?
    4. Which extraction method was used to draw the CBD out of the plant?
    5. Is it Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or Isolate?
    6. What is in the formulation (are there fillers, rancid oils, preservatives, or other chemicals)?
    7. What kind of quality assurance can you expect? What does the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) show?

    Here are our answers to those questions with regard to our tinctures listed above:

    1. Our seeds originated from the High Grade Hemp Seed company in Colorado, USA.
    2. Our hemp was farmed on one of our own Colorado farms.
    3. We use organic and sustainable farming methods.
    4. We pay more for our Vapor Distilled™ proprietary extraction method because it is the safest, cleanest, and most effective way to preserve the purity and potency of the plant’s natural medicine. We chose quality over profit, every time!
    5. Ours is True Full Spectrum hemp extract. We use the full plant and all it’s benefits. Think of this as eating a whole apple vs just apple juice.
    6. We use MCT oil because of it’s naturally-occurring healthy fats and is resistant to becoming rancid.
    7. We are like a ‘farm to table’ restaurant. We have a personal hand in, and can prove every step in the making of our products—from the seeds all the way to your body—thus the name Seed2System—which provides you the highest Quality Assurance possible. The quality of our products is of the utmost importance at Seed2System.

    What are the most common concerns about taking CBD

    Can I take too much CBD?

    Yes, even with CBD, moderation is best. This is why we always encourage you to, “Start low and go slow.” Fortunately the effects from taking ‘too much CBD’ have been found to be minor and temporary.

    What are the symptoms or side effects of taking too much CBD?

    A side-effect of taking too much might be:

    • Drowsiness
    • Temporary headache
    • Changes in mood and appetite
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Dry mouth (from ‘smokable’ delivery methods)

    CBD has a healing effect on your body, brain, and spirit—which explains why CBD helps with symptoms of various ailments, including mood and anxiety disorders, inflammatory discomfort, and even addictions.

    So, go now and start your journey of experiencing the healing effects of the hemp plant, without the mind-altering part—assured you are in the highest quality hands in the industry!